3 Dental Practice Mystery Shopper Tips

Probing your business through the patient’s lens brings a fresh viewpoint and creates a patient-centric culture at the heart of your practice. Mystery shopping is a great way to measure your patient experience and...

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3 Top Methods To Boost Your Patient Experience

A good patient experience can do wonders for a dental business. It builds strong relationships with patients and creates a lasting impression; it’s a sure-fire way to build patient loyalty and ...

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Why Should a Treatment Coordinator Get Certified?

There are a number of motivations as to why treatment coordinator certification qualifications are recommended. Starting with the simplest reason, certifications lead to improved employment prospects by...

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What are the benefits of a Dental Treatment Coordinator Qualification?

Firstly the Certification in Treatment Coordination benefits not only Treatment Coordinators but also Patients and Employers; let me explain. A certification qualification is a confirmation of ability and proficiency in the area. Within the dental industry, it has facilitated the development of the sector by supporting, identifying, and...

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How Patient Experience Optimisation and effective Treatment Coordinators = Increased Revenue

Good patient experience management will increase your profitability, as you can charge a higher price than the competition for a high-quality service or product without the risk of losing the patient because the patient will value the overall experience and not just the price. The best way to realise the full financial potential of ...

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What Is A Dental Treatment Coordinator’s Salary?

Treatment coordinator roles vary from full-time or part-time, depending on the dental practice. If you work full or part time will impact if you are paid as an annual salary or hourly. A great number of dental practices offer commission packages on top of salary for treatment coordinators, particularly if...

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How To Become A Treatment Coordinator

Treatment coordinators are the liaison between patients and the dental treatment team. There is no advanced degree required and candidates do not need to be from a dental background to start a job as treatment coordinator; what is helpful however is...

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Top 5 Reasons Your Dental Practice Should Invest In A Treatment Coordinator

We all know the world of dentistry is changing. With tendering and NHS cuts imminent it's vital for dental practices to embrace in a new age of dentistry. In order to stay current we can no longer rely on having a catchy name or good shop front location we must embark on smart digital marketing and savvy sales techniques.

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Inside The Mind Of A Dental Practice Manager

Do you have what it takes to lead a team? Have you ever wondered what a dental practice manager does? DTC had a Q and A Session with experienced Practice Manager Katie Robbins from London. And here's what she told us....

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What Dental Nurses Need To Know About Enhanced CPDs

We all know that CPD's are an integral part of the Dental Nurses journey and development but from the 1st August 2018, there has been a change in the mode of CPD's. What exactly has changed and what does it mean for you? we delves into eCPDs and what you need to know.

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