All our courses are strategically designed for learners from all levels, therefore substantial industry experience is not required, only a keen interest in the sector is necessary.

All of our courses include a comprehensive course study pack as well as tutor support the assessment at the end of the course and certification. (P&P is also included in the price of all paid courses).

Enrolment is easy! Simply enrol onto the course of your choice by clicking the Buy it Now button at the top of the page, once enrolled we will send you a confirmation email.

Once enrolled we will send you a confirmation email which will contain the expected date which you will receive delivery of your Course Pack (typically within 3-5 working days).

Additional Information

Just email your tutor and they will get back to you with help and support through email, if you have a question. You will receive your personal tutor details when you enrol onto your chosen course.

Although there is no specified time limit and tutor support is available for up to 6 months after enrolment, we do recommended completing your course as soon as possible in order to get the most out of the course and keep your learning fresh.

Once you have gained a thorough understanding of the course content simply send us an email and we will email you an online assessment. Once you have completed the online assessment, to highlight your achievement, we will send you a hard copy of your Certificate of Completion.

Upon completion of a Certificate Level course with us, we can provide a solid foundation of job preparation advice as well as get the ball rolling by searching for specific positions to suit your new skills within our employer network.