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Our mystery shopper service will help you find out what it’s really like to interact with your business over the phone and online. We’ll gather the insights needed to drive effective change within your business in order to delight patients at every patient touchpoint and increase revenue.

Our mystery shopper service enables you to evaluate your employees’ professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness over the phone and online, while determining whether they are successfully selling value, providing first-class customer service and effectively scheduling on-site appointments.

Improving the patient experience can reward you well with increased loyalty and profitability as you delight your patients, with consistently superior service every time and everywhere they interact with your business.

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A mystery shopper will contact your practice a number of times to interact with your team in various scenarios.


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We’ll send you a report with a scorecard based on your unique criteria and feedback on how to boost performance.

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Mystery Shopper Service

Improving the patient experience can reward you well with increased loyalty and profitability as you delight your patients, with consistently superior service every time and everywhere they interact with your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look below to find out more about our mystery shopper service.

You may have an idea about what you want your patients to experience when engaging with your brand, and you may think that is what is happening on a daily basis, but until you put yourself in their shoes, there is no way of knowing. By having mystery shoppers interact with your business on a regular basis, key insights will be made on the patient experience your patients are receiving; allowing you to drive constant improvement and increase profitability.

STEP 1: Collaborate to create assessment criteria.

We will perform a needs assessment so that we can identify the exact goals you would like to achieve. We will then construct a survey or surveys to cover all areas of your desired mystery shop.

STEP 2: Inform your team

By telling everyone in advance about the Mystery Shopper Program, you can get buy-in across the organisation regarding the purpose of mystery shops. This will also foster a healthy, competitive atmosphere in that any patient could potentially be an evaluator.

STEP 3: Analyse the results.

Once your Mystery Shopper Program is complete you will receive a report; upon analysis you may start to see patterns in the results. You’ll notice which areas your team may be performing well, and which ones they may be struggling with. You’ll also be able to compare across contact mediums (phone, web and social media) as well as between busy or slow times for the business.

STEP 4: Share the results and build an action plan.

After the Mystery Shopper Program report is analysed, you can loop the whole team in and focus on the necessary areas of improvement. Over time, you should continue to conduct Mystery Shopper Programs (every 6 months at a minimum is recommend) to reflect your new patient experience goals and ensure that you are constantly moving the ball forward and staying ahead of your competition.


Our Mystery Shop Service also includes Web and Social Media Mystery Shops, we will help you answer important questions about how your website functions from a patient standpoint. Who answers when your prospects or potential customers submit an online request form on your website, or sends you an email? What is the response time? Do they provide accurate information and follow the etiquette guidelines you’ve established?

In a fast-moving online marketplace, you can be assured we have sufficient, professionally trained mystery shoppers to quickly produce online shopping evaluations so your business doesn’t suffer from an ill-functioning online experience. When it comes to online responsiveness, the speed and quality of your business’s online response will dictate whether your customer chooses you or the competition.


The Certificate In Patient Experience Management course will equip team members with the required skills to improve patient experience. The course covers all the fundamental aspects of patient experience optimisation and provide tried and tested protocols to help your team get aligned with a consistent approach to maintaining the optimal patient experience.

We also provide what we call the ‘patient walk through’ manual. This manual guides your team through a tour of the practice's patient touch points and helps identify and optimise each patient contact point. This highly effective exercise creates improvement opportunities and lots of room for discussion and actions that can be delegated between all staff members.

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