Treatment Coordination in Practice

As specialists in their fields, many dentists have expressed that due to changing patient expectations they feel more comfortable hiring or training someone within their team to present treatment and treatment plans to patients.

As the communication bridge between the patient and the dentist, a dental Treatment Coordinator is a high profile position. In this role, the treatment coordinator will work closely with the dentist to ensure that the dental patient understands the treatment itself and why it is needed.  An effective Treatment Coordinator will help the patient get their financial arrangements made and make sure the patient will schedule, attend and pay for their treatment.  

Organisation, excellent communication skills, a positive attitude, dental treatment knowledge and the ability to multi-task are keys to your success as a Dental Treatment Coordinator. 


Course Description

Due to the high demand for good Treatment Coordinators in the Dental Industry, the course has been designed to enable students to start a career as a Treatment Coordinator even if they are not from a dental background. Regardless of your background; if you are wishing to take your career to the next level or are wishing to progress your career within the Dental sector. Dental Training College can help! 

To further increase your employability we are now including Software of Excellence EXACT training with this course. Software of Excellence EXACT is one of the UK’s most commonly used dental software systems; as a result knowledge of EXACT will be of great advantage to those seeking employment or career advancement within the industry.

Taking part in this course will not only help you gain the important skills required to work as a dental treatment coordinator in any NHS or Private Dental Practice, it will also help you gain the confidence and the knowledge that is required to do your job well while prioritising the patient’s health.


Relevant for:

    Practice Manager, Practice Support Manager, Receptionist, Lead Receptionist, Trainee Receptionist, Treatment Co-ordinator, Dental Nurse, Infection Control Lead, Decontamination Lead, Trainee Dental Nurse, Dentist, Hygienist, Practice Principal, Practice Owner, Therapist

Course Info

  • Course topics will include:

        • 1. What & who are a dental practice
        • 2. Understanding the job roles of the dental team
        • 3. The GDC & their function within dentistry
        • 4. The Dental Treatments 
        • 5. The day to day responsibilities of a Treatment Coordinator
        • 6. How the role of Treatment Coordinator benefits the dental practice
        • 7. How the role of a Treatment Coordinator benefits patients
        • 8. The Patient Journey
        • 9. Effective Communication Styles
        • 10. Building that all Important Rapport
        • 11. Treatment Plan Presentations
        • 12. Importance of the follow up
        • 13. Your role & responsibility regarding Dental histories & new patient forms
        • 14. Introduction to Software of Excellence EXACT System
        • 15. Appointment booking with Software of Excellence EXACT System
        • 16. Your role & responsibility regarding Dental histories & new patient forms using EXACT
        • 17. Taking payments, allocating payments and refunds with Software of Excellence EXACT System
        • 18. Recalls with Software of Excellence EXACT System
        • 19. Informed consent, data protection & patient confidentially
        • 20. Handling emergencies 


  • Although there is no specified time limit, we do recommended completing as soon as possible in order to get the most out of the course.

  • You can start as soon as your enrolment is processed and you receive your course pack (typically within 3 -5 days).

  • This is a distance-based course with tutor support included; learners will be provided with a hard copy of learning and assessment materials which they will receive typically within 3 -5 days of enrolment. Of course, all our support services are also provided as needed.

How It Works

  • 1.
    Simply enrol onto the course by clicking the Buy it Now button at the top of the page.

  • 2.
    Once enrolled we will send you a confirmation email which will contain the expected date which you will receive delivery of your Course Pack (typically within 3-5 working days).

  • 3.
    On delivery of your Course Pack you can begin the course. Remember with us distance learning doesn’t mean that you are on your own, you'll have a tutor on hand for support if needed.

  • 4.
    Once you have gained a thorough understanding of the course content simply send us an email and we will email you an online assessment.

  • 5.
    Once you have completed the online assessment, to highlight your achievement, we will send you a hard copy of your Certificate of Completion.

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