How To Become A Dental Treatment Coordinator

With recent changes in patient expectations, patient experience has never played a greater role in patient retention as it does today.  At the centre of a great patient experience is an effective Treatment Coordinator (TCO).  

A treatment coordinator’s primary responsibility is patient experience; they help patients understand and feel confident about their treatment plan and payment schedule as well as support patients throughout their treatment experience.

Treatment coordinators are the liaison between patients and the dental treatment team. For that reason, the position is essentially a people-person job. People who thrive in a fast-paced, active, highly social environment are likely good choices for treatment coordinator roles.

Treatment coordinators also handle several cases at once, so the position necessitates outstanding organisational skills.

We found the following skills help to make a great treatment coordinator:

•          Great communication skills

•          Composed and professional behaviour

•          Organised and methodical

•          Comfortable talking about money

•          Self-confidence without arrogance

•          Optimistic attitude

•          Capacity to think fast and adapt to altering circumstances

As such, a dental treatment coordinator needs a multi-layered skill set. There is no advanced degree required and candidates do not need to be from a dental background to start a job as treatment coordinator; what is helpful however is completing the Certificate in Treatment Coordination course with Dental Training College.  Our learners found that the course is an excellent way to further their knowledge and advance their career


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