Top 5 Reasons Your Dental Practice Should Invest In A Treatment Coordinator

We all know the world of dentistry is changing. With tendering and NHS cuts imminent it's vital for dental practices to embrace in a new age of dentistry.  In order to stay current we can no longer rely on having a catchy name or good shop front location we must embark on smart digital marketing and savvy sales techniques.

According to one of the UK's leading Customer Experience companies UpScale iQ the best way to achieve this in practice is to invest in existing staff and promote from within to create the perfect blend of familiarly and treatment coordination within their practice.

This new age of 'dentistry' is designed for those who understand that nurturing the patient experience is key to future success.


In a nutshell....

  1. 1.   Enhance the Patient Journey and Upscale your Patient Experience. 

  2. 2.   Allows the Dentist to focus on delivering Quality Clinical Treatment.

  3. 3.   Its proven that people naturally buy from people they like. So building encouraging great, 'one of the family' relationships increases new patient referrals, practice reputation and practice turnover.

  4. 4.   TCO's offer free consultations so that they can meet the practice team and ask questions before committing to seeing the dentist. 

  5. 5.   TCO's provide knowledge in a simple, easy to understand manner. Educated patients are more likely to go ahead with treatment.

Stay up-to-date and current by adding value to your practice. Invest in educating and training your existing staff as TCO's and increase your practice bottom line in the process.

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