The Importance Of Training Your Existing Dental Staff

A recent survey showed that 76% of London based Dental Nurses feel undervalued working in their current dental practice! This alone should make Practice Principals and Practice Managers want to act quickly to show that this is not the case and their staff are highly valued.  

There are obviously a number of ways this can be achieved but according to DTC's board of directors the key to creating employee satisfaction is through continued growth, learning and progression.  

It is not uncommon for practice principles to pay for their staff's CPD's. But is this enough? If you really want to reap the benefits of having loyal staff and show your appreciation to those key team members who have potential, then investing in their career progression within your practice will be paramount.  


The Key Benefits of Paying for Staff Training

- Many find it easier to promote from within their existing pool of staff

- Reduces recruitment cost and time

- Enables you to double up on job roles- nurse/Treatment Coordinators. Hence a decrease in salary outgoings

- It increases staff performance

- It increases staff loyalty

- It improves staff retention

- It is a way to show appreciation to key staff


The main thing to remember is that if your staff feel valued then they will go that extra mile for you and your business. Which will result in happy staff, happy patients and happy practice bottom line!


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