Top 3 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A New Treatment Coordinator

With more and more private UK Dental Practices looking to hire Treatment Coordinators it's so important to make sure you find the right person for the role. DTC understands that not everyone is cut out for the life as a Treatment Coordinator...although they may think they are!

To help employers realise and gain an insight into what makes a good Treatment Coordinator DTC have comprised a list of key things to look out for when hiring for this extremely important role. So here it goes.... 


Number 1:
Hire From Within. The best Treatment Coordinators can be found within your existing members of staff. With a little bit of extra training your existing staff can flourish in this role


Number 2:
Communication and Likeability.  They must be a great communicator, they should be able to educate and break things down into a simple easy to digest way. They must be friendly, bubbly and easy to warm to. Remember people buy from people that like so bear in mind that if you don't like the person, neither will your patients!


Number 3:
Training is KEY!. Effective Treatment Coordinators must be trained to a high level to fully understand the role and what is expected of them. So don't fall into the trap of just promoting/hiring and leaving them to it and hoping for the best!


In conclusion Treatment Coordinators have the potential to increase your bottom line dramatically if they are utilised and trained in the right way but only if the correct type of person is hired to begin with!


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