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As a Dental Training College Affiliate, you can earn up to 25% commission promoting our courses to your colleagues, friends, relatives and beyond. What’s more once you have got into the swing of things we'll give you access to our database of over 6000 dental industry contacts that you can message directly to further increase your income.

Most of our affiliates are full-time dental employees, boosting their income by promoting our courses alongside a full-time job; others are part-time enthusiasts, whose incomes are supported by earning large commissions as affiliates. Whichever you are, if you’re ready to start boosting your monthly income, we’re ready too.

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Some Of Our Affiliates

We are fuelled by our high levels of affiliate satisfaction.

With the cost of living going up I was looking for a secondary source of income that wasn’t a second job; a friend of mine told me about this affiliate programme so I joined. From the start the support I’ve got has been excellent. I made my first commission getting my practice to enrol me onto the Practice Manager course which I’ve always wanted to do, then I continued to earn by referring people I know. I now make about £500 per month from promoting Dental Training College courses.

Nisha Patel
Practice Manager

I love being an affiliate because it’s just so flexible; you’re able to do it anytime, anywhere. I mostly sell using social media, you just share a link and that's it, Dental Training College deals with everything else and you just get paid. It’s an amazing way to earn extra cash and it has already paid for my holiday to Ibiza.

Katie Williams
Dental Nurse

When I came across the Dental Training College affiliate opportunity I thought it would be a good way to flex my marketing expertise whilst learning about the industry. Although I only recently started working in the dental industry the learning curve wasn’t too bad. What surprised me the most was just how much I could earn, affiliate programmes don’t usually payout that much.

Becky Jones
Marketing Coordinator

I have so many friends and people from the clubs I go to always asking me how they can get into the Dental industry as it is seen as a stable industry in these uncertain times. Being an affiliate has made it easy for me to point them in the right direction and earn a commission whilst doing so. So far two of my referrals now work as Practice Managers.

Sarah Davies
Dental Receptionist

I received an email inviting me to become an affiliate and I thought why not, it seemed like perfect timing as my boyfriend and I had just started saving for a house. I first started sharing my referral code within my practice then as I work for a large chain all the other branches too, just from doing that I made over £1000 commission. Now I have access to the Dental Training College client database, I send my referral code to about 50 practices every week and make a good monthly income from it.

Anthony Evans
Treatment Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look below to find out more about our Affiliate Programme.

As a Dental Training College Affiliate, you'll help spread the word about our courses and services to your colleagues, friends, relatives and beyond and, in return, earn up to 25% commission for each successful referral.

To become an affiliate you simply need to click the apply now button above and fill in your details. You’ll then be automatically enrolled onto the programme if your application is approved; at which time you'll be emailed a welcome pack to help you get started.

*To be able to apply you need to be currently working in a dental practice.


You're eligible to receive commission on all referral purchases as follows:

1. Courses over £300 = 10%
2. Courses over £500 = 15%
3. Courses over £700 = 20%
4. Courses over £1000 = 25%
5. Other services = 15%

*For example, if a dental practice or person you refer enrols onto a course that is £795 you'll receive £159 in commission for that one referral.

There is no maximum number of people you can refer in a month, we want you to earn as much as possible.


We pay our Affiliates by direct bank deposit or PayPal. And you’ll receive your commission payments on a monthly basis. We usually make payments around the middle of the month. Please note that regardless of your region/country, all commission payments are made in GBP.


Our referral tracking system is quite straightforward. You'll have a unique referral discount code that you share with the people you're referring. When they make a purchase using your code, we can track it back to you.

Every month, we'll send you a detailed report listing all the purchases made with your referral code. Additionally, we'll include information about any abandoned checkouts tied to your referrals. This way, you can stay updated on your referral activity and commissions.


That all depends on you. As an affiliate, the sky's the limit, and you can earn as much as you want, depending on how many people you refer to Dental Training College. Some of our top affiliates earn over £1000 per month, while others who refer more casually still earn around £500 per month. We even have a few Super Affiliates who have earned many thousands of pounds in a single month. So, truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to your earning potential.


As a Dental Training College Affiliate, we provide comprehensive support to help you succeed:

1. Training Guides: - You'll receive training guides to help you understand our courses and how to effectively promote them.
2. Promotional Materials: - Gain access to a library of promotional materials like banners, images, and pre-designed content.
3. Dedicated Support: - Our team is here to assist you. Reach out to us anytime with questions or for personalised guidance.
4. Monthly Reports: - Stay informed with monthly reports detailing your referral activity, including purchases and abandoned checkouts.
5. Regular Updates: - Receive updates on new courses, promotions, and opportunities to maximise your earnings.

We're committed to your success as a Dental Training College affiliate!




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