At Dental Training College we are actively addressing national skills shortages through our Job Connect programs.

The courses we offer have been carefully selected with the help of many of our industry partners to meet the needs of dental employers and to match the specific requirements of individual job roles.


Hiring Dental Training College students can greatly benefit your business now and into the future –

As an employer you will benefit from:

Training Supported By Trainees 
Trainees are who financially invest in their future are valuable assets for any business.

Nurture untapped potential 
Secure great new employees from a wider pool of available talent.

No recruitment fees 
The service we provide to help you recruit the ideal candidate is free of charge.

Mould your own talent pool 
New Staff will bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas whilst easily adapting to your culture and methods.

Additional grants available 
We will advise if you are eligible for additional funding opportunities and help you apply for relevant grants.

Fill your skills gaps 
Keep your company growing by staying ahead of the qualifed dental professional skills shortage.

Motivate your workforce 
Provide leadership and management opportunities for other staff and allow them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Improve your bottom line 
Entry-level staff deliver a high return on investment as estimated by The National Employment Service.